Friday, 4 May 2012

Electric Lawn Mowers and Traditional Gas Lawn Mowers

Electric Lawn Mowers and Traditional Gas Lawn Mowers

Are you one of them just sick and tired of mowing the lawn mower and a selection of old and traditional, and get better? Electric mowers are a new option that provides many advantages over regular gasoline mowers. Lawnmowers traditional combustion engine. Instead, electric lawn mowers run on electricity, either directly to the cable entered the cell wall like any other appliance, or a rechargeable battery to fit in the deck.

Cheaper to run

Although the cost of electric lawn mower may differ from and may be more expensive than gas cutting machine, a cost advantage in long-term results. No need to buy fuel tank or storage container, and do not need to do some last minute for a car to get gas for the mower ran out of fuel.

It is easy to maintain

When it comes to maintenance, storage, electric lawn mower running smoothly is cheaper than traditional gas mower. No need to refill or change the oil or replacing spark plugs or air filters - just keep the battery charged, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Many non-durable metal housing cover model, which does not rust regularly and can be moved easily if you do not have any - what traces of oil or gas to remove the oil.


Electricity, many mower is lighter than conventional lawnmowers because they have no heavy engine or gas tank full of fuel. Cordless electric mowers may be heavier than the weight of the battery cable model. Electric mowers are light and easily maneuverable, making it suitable for use by people who, by refusing to cut the lawn mower big and heavy foliage.

Tips for safe use of

health benefits of using electric lawn mower mower from natural gas. Being so light weight reduces the risk of injury or strain to lift or push yourself mower. And since it runs on electricity, you're not breathing toxic fumes and passed every time you pull up - now is the breath of fresh air! If you choose wireframe model must be careful not to advance or cut the rope, or you can completely avoid this risk by choosing a wireless model that uses a battery instead.

Environmentally friendly

Finally, electric mowers are more environmentally friendly conventional mowers, just because they run an engine that burns natural gas (fossil fuels). According to estimates bright, it's time to cut the lawn mower gas is equivalent to driving a distance of 350 kilometers in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted into the atmosphere! Electric mowers can help reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.


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